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Rib of Beef in Pepper Sauce with Red Fruits

4 Servings

12 Hours 15 minutes
12 小時15分鐘



  • Prime ribe 牛肋排 - 1.4 kg

  • Raspberries 覆盆子 - x10

  • Black or white mulberries 黑色或白色桑葚 - x10

  • Blueberries 藍莓 - x25

  • Sprigs of gooseberries 醋栗枝 x2

  • Frozen cranberries 冷凍蔓越莓 - 2tbsp

  • Sunflower oil 1湯匙葵花油 - 1tbsp

  • Salt and pepper 鹽和胡椒

Marinade & sauce 醃料和醬汁 :

  • Red wine 紅酒 - 1L

  • Mignonette pepper 黑白胡椒- 2tbsp

  • Pink berries 粉紅色漿果 - 2tbsp

  • Sprig of thyme 百里香枝- x2

  • Bay leaf 月桂葉 - x1

  • Veal stock 牛肉高湯- ¼ L

  • Butter 黃油 - 80g

  • Redcurrant jelly 紅醋栗果凍 - 1 C


The day before 前一天:

Marinate rib with wine, thyme, bay leaf, mignonette pepper and pink peppercorns. Cover with cling film and leave overnight in refrigerator.


Cooking day 當天:

Step 1

Preheat oven to 170°C (thermostat 5-6) and remove the rib from refrigerator.

將烤箱預熱至 170°C(恆溫器 5-6),牛肋骨從冰箱中取出。

Step 2

In a saucepan, reduce stock to 3-quarters, pour in marinade and cook for 25 min over low heat to thicken the sauce. Off the heat, add red currant jelly and butter while whisking.

在平底鍋中將小牛肉湯汁減至4分3,倒入醃料用小火煮 25 分鐘,直到醬汁變稠。關火,攪拌同時加入紅醋栗果凍和黃油。

Step 3

Heat a large frying pan with oil, brown the ribs over high heat, 1 min each side, put it in a dish, cook for 15 min in oven and let rest for 10 min under an aluminum sheet.

用油加熱大煎鍋,將牛肋排大火煎至焦黃,每面煎 1 分鐘,放入盤中在焗爐中煮 15 分鐘,然後置錫紙上 10 分鐘。

Step 4

Add berries to pepper sauce and keep a few for decoration.


Step 5

Serve on a platter, drizzle with red fruit pepper sauce, slice it and garnish with sauce and pumpkin purée.


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